Two traefik deployments for different purposes

I have deployed two (2) traefik 2.2.8 instances with Helm with labelSelector to allow segregation of teo king of ingresses:

    enabled: true
    labelSelector: traffic-type=external
    enabled: true
    labelSelector: traffic-type=!external

I was expecting to see all my current ingresses only appear to the latter traefik instance, as none of them have the traffic-type label set, but I see all ingresses on both deployments

What am I doing wrong? Or maybe I don't understand exactly the labelSelector implementation?

That used to work in traefik 1.7.x


To start with, yaml is very picky about indentation. There is no way what you posted above would work as the indentation is wrong.

How are you providing this configuration to traefik? I does not look to me like helm chart supports your yaml, might need to use additionalArguments.

You're right about the indentation. I haven't check the posting output before sending. Just corrected it.

Oh! Read the documentation about the labelSelector, but forgot to validate the implementation in the chart. My bad.

Using additionalArguments work as expected. That said, it would be nice to have it available directly available in the values file under the section where it belongs.

Will create a enhancement request.

Thanks for the tip !