How to HELM install multiple Traefik with rbac?

I am trying to install two traefik. Each will be in its own namespace. Each traefik will use label selection. Below is the values override I use for each when I run helm install.

      enabled: true
    # Enable prometheus
      - "--metrics.prometheus=true"
    # Options for the main traefik service, where the entrypoints traffic comes
    # from.
      enabled: true
      type: ClusterIP
      namespaces: "{{NAMESPACE}}"
        labelSelector: wsLabel={{NAMESPACE}}
        labelSelector: wsLabel={{NAMESPACE}}

First traefik installs fine. When I attempt the second traefik, I get the following.

Error: rendered manifests contain a resource that already exists. Unable to continue with install: ClusterRole "traefik" in namespace "" exists and cannot be imported into the current release: invalid ownership metadata; annotation validation error: key "" must equal "namespace2": current value is "namespace1"

I am using:

  • chartVersion: 10.19.4
  • appVersion: 2.6.3

How can I use HELM to install multiple Traefik that use label selection?