Unable to get multiple traefik running in the same Kubernetes (allowCrossNamespace=false)


I'm trying to get multiple traefik in different namespaces on Kubernetes, but it seems that allowCrossNamespace=false to isolate them does not work. Is there any recipe that can help us on setting up multiple traefik on the same cluster and completely isolated from each other ?

The issue we're having is the different treafik talking to services in other namespaces.


hello @frankyBoy

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Yes, this is possible to deploy more Traefik instances on the same Kubernetes cluster.
The following configuration can be set to achieve this:

  • namespaces - by default Traefik watches all namespaces, on the provider configuration you can list the namespaces which Traefik should watch for configuration changes

  • labelselector - by default Traefik processes all resources, but if you specify the label on the provider level, then you can use the label on the resources that should be processed by Traefik

  • ingressClass - you can use the annotation that can be used to select resources that should be processed by Traefik. Again the value of ingressclass kubernetes./ingress.class key can be configured on the provider level.

Hope that helps!
let us know!

Thank you very much for your help @jakubhajek . I'll definitely try this and let you know.

@jakubhajek I run into some issues running two traefik instances on two namespaces: (traefik-int, traefik-ext)
common config for both instances:

  • cluster role
    two different configs for each instance:
  • service account in namespace
  • persistenvolume(claim)
  • clusterrolebinding
  • deployment
  • services

The first issue I run into (on the ext. traefik instance - int works fine):
Some x509 certificate is invalid once traefik pings some external addresses (lets encrypt or collect.traefik)

x509: certificate is valid for xxx.xxx.traefik.default, not collect.traefik.io"

Do I miss something? where does the ...traefik.default comes from?

Second issue: when I want to publish the dashboard of the external traefik instance via the ingress class of the internal traefik instance - it seems not to find the dashboard somehow. Is there a way to proxy the dashboard api service somehow into another ingress class?

any thoughts?