Traefik 2 via helm enable providers.kubernetesingress

Deploying Traefik 2 via helm chart for official gihub repo

There are tons of flag you can set for traefik , but can't set compatibility flag with default kubernetes ingress
I see the following : - --providers.kubernetesingress=true or - --providers.kubernetesingress must be present to enable it

Tried the following
helm install traefik --set="{--providers.kubernetesingress=true}"
helm install traefik -set="--providers.kubernetesingress=true"

Described in values.yml for chart :
helm install --set="{--providers.kubernetesingress}" - doest work, because expect a value

Values gets set somehow, but doesnt look proper
Instead of

  • --providers.kubernetesingress=true
  • --log.level=DEBUG
    I get
    kubernetesingress: true

Using ingress doesnt work.

Can someone share how you set these flags properly?

The official helm chart for Traefik v2 is here: