Multiple Traefik Deployment in k8s via Helm

We have a web application and pgadmin which we would like to expose via traefik. Application should be reachable from internet where pgadmin is not and has to be intranet.

So to do that I installed two ingress controller which one for internet and the other is for intranet. I added labelSelector such as traffic-type=internal and traffic-type=external
My expectation is, able to connect my web app via host in ingress with internet and in same cluster expose pgadmin but only accesible from intranet.

  1. When I checked the logs there is a warnings say endpoints not avaliable which is exist. My question is where is my mistake? How can I point multiple ingress controller and ingress to each other?

2.Before ı have one ingress controller I able to access traefik dashboard via /traefik/dashboard but after ı install second ingress controller ı can not able to access anymore?

> th\":\"\",\"DisablePassHostHeaders\":false,\"EnablePassTLSCert\":false,\"Namespaces\":[\"default\",\"dev\",\"stage\"],\"LabelSelector\":\"traffic-type=external\",\"IngressClass\":\"\",\"IngressEndpoint\":null,\"ThrottleDuration\":0}","time":"2020-03-27T06:17:16Z"}
> {"level":"info","msg":"ingress label selector is:
> \"traffic-type=external\"","time":"2020-03-27T06:17:16Z"}
> {"level":"warning","msg":"Endpoints not available for
> dev/oneapihub-ui-dev","time":"2020-03-27T06:27:32Z"} W0327
> 06:29:41.237781       1 reflector.go:341]
> watch of *v1.Endpoints ended with: too old resource version: 12124379
> (12124722)

capel0068340585:~ semural$ kubectl get pods -n ingress
NAME                                       READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
ingress-traefik-5694df5667-fzs29           1/1     Running   0          3h58m
internal-ingress-traefik-d65fdd9d9-fp9z7   1/1     Running   0          105m

capel0068340585:~ semural$ kubectl get ep oneapihub-ui-dev -n dev
NAME               ENDPOINTS          AGE
oneapihub-ui-dev   3h56m

kubectl describe configmap

# traefik.toml
logLevel = "info"
defaultEntryPoints = ["http", "httpn"]
  address = ":6080"
  compress = true
  address = ":8880"
  compress = true
  address = ":8080"
entryPoint = "http"
namespaces = ["default", "dev", "stage"] -> namespace where webbapp deployed
labelselector = "traffic-type=external" -> labelselector point ingress resource
  format = "json"

kubectl get ingress -o yaml

kind: Ingress
  name: RELEASE-NAME-oneapihub-ui
  labels: oneapihub-ui RELEASE-NAME Helm oneapihub-ui-0.1.0
    traffic-type: external -> specify label here to point ingress controller
  annotations: traefik
    - host: -> example
          - path: /
              serviceName: RELEASE-NAME-oneapihub-ui
              servicePort: 80

kubectl get tenantspec -o yaml

    - ip: <IP1>
      name: LBaaS2
      - extPort: 80
        name: "80"
        nodePort: 30001
    - ip:  <IP2>
      name: LBaaS1
      - extPort: 80
        name: "80"
        nodePort: 30000

Hi smihural,

Can you confirm you've deployed two Service type Loadbalancer. Also looks like you didn’t create the endpoint dev/oneapihub though.

I'd like help you move forward with it.