Traefik With Kubernetes

Hi, I'm setting up a kubernetes cluster that will be eventually used for web hosting and I have different sites deployed independently in their own namespaces and pods. I want to use Traefik to handle the DNS/Ingress side of things, but I'm a little conflicted on how to do that. Hopefully, you all can help me solve this...


  1. For this situation should I be deploying multiple ingresses inside of each namespace that references the services within them or should I be deploying a cluster of Ingresses that are outside of the namespaces and point them to the designated namespaces based on request?

Keep it simple, that's the best recommendation. I would try to deploy Traefik in a dedicated namespace and focus on its configuration to have HA. Then, if you decide that you need more separation between your services meaning a more secure environment I would think of adding multiple ingress controllers but only then when it is really necessary.