Multiple Traefik Ingress - Kubernetes


Is it possible to have multiple Traefik ingress in the same k8s cluster?
Asking as I’ve multiple services that are on totally different domains –,

Or is it possible to handle multiple domains with Traefik in k8s?

Hello @moh-abk,

Yes! You can create as many ingress objects as you want.

You can create many single-host ingresses, all with different hosts, pointing to the same backend server, or you can create a multi-host ingress object that does the same, but within one object.

Which method you choose depends on how you want to manage the different domains.

Traefik will load all the ingresses in the cluster, and will update its routing rules accordingly.

How do I target services to the ingress I want?

This is what I have for one of the services running;

      annotations: traefik "true" "511.141.600.880/32"