Running jaeger agent behind a traefik proxy


I am trying to run the jaeger-agent in a cluster. I want to route incoming jaeger UDP packets from outside the cluster to the jaeger-agent which on ClusterIP inside the cluster. How can that be achieved ?

Hello @moijes12 and thanks for your interest in Traefik,

If I understand correctly the IngressRouteUDP resource might be what you are looking for, more details are in the following documentation: Routing Configuration for Traefik CRD - Traefik

This will require enabling the KubernetesCRD provider in the static configuration of Traefik as explained in the following documentation: Kubernetes IngressRoute & Traefik CRD - Traefik and exposing.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @kevinpollet

I'll look into that, try it out and come back with the results.