gRPC Setup for K3s

I'm using a k3s (1.24) cluster with traefik v2 installed. The k3s setup is just using the default options at the moment.

I want to run a gRPC service inside the cluster that is also available from outside the cluster with requests routed through the traefik Ingress controller using IngressRoutes. I've searched for a comprehensive example of how to set up both traefik as well as the IngressRoute so that it will route gRPC traffic. I can run services inside the cluster which talk to the gRPC service just fine, I just can't figure out what I need to do to get requests from the outside.

It seems that I might need to adjust the options used by the traefik controller when it starts up (but I don't know exactly what those might be) as well as what I need to specify in my IngressRoute (and possibly annotations on the Service?)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am encountering the same issue. I believe you need to configure traefik to have an http/2 entry point