GRPC not working with Traefik

We have a EKS cluster where we have multiple microservices, out of which some are GRPC services.
The ingress traffic comes from a DNS url which is configured in route 53 and we have custom TLS for it.
We have also configured Traefik CRDs for ingress networking into the cluster.
The normal services connectivity is working fine but the GRPC backend services are returning 502 bad gateway.

I have tried to use the below middleware but it doesn't work

kind: Middleware
  name: http2grpc
  namespace: dev
      bodyAsStatusMessage: 'true'

Also i tried to configure this GRPC WEB middleware as well but it seems like Traefik v2 doesn't support it yet because the CRD definition doesn't exists for it yet.

I am using this traefik helm chart for installation.

Can someone please provide some inputs for configuring GRPC with Traefik or what I'm missing in the config?

Hi @vishalmehra, thanks for your interest in Traefik!

The Traefik docs have a page with gRPC examples, maybe this will help?

You're right, gRPCWeb is only supported by Traefik v3!

In case, you're still stuck, could you provide a bit more info what you're trying to do, your full configuration and logs?