Plugin discovery issue

I've published a new plugin but initially had the wrong repository name (lowercase trimm). After updating the module name it seems that the Traefiker Bot is caching the old name.

Because the Traefiker Bot keeps creating issues regarding the repository name. See [Traefik Plugin Catalog] Plugin Analyzer has detected a problem. · Issue #3 · TRIMM/traefik-maintenance · GitHub as an example.

Do I still have the wrong settings in the repository? Or is this an issue with the Traefiker Bot?


I will take a look.

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Can you create a new tag (v1.0.1)?

I've created a new tag (v1.0.1) and closes the issue regarding the issue opened by the Bot.

I think the problem is solved now.
It was just related to a missing tag after changes.

Thanks for the help Idez.

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