Not able to add plugin to catalog

We created the following plugin GitHub - Lambda-IT/traefik-plugin-cookie-flags: A traefik middleware plugin to handle and manipulate cookie flags on the fly which is based on an other plugin.
But now we decided to add our plugin to the Traefik catalog to share it to the community.

Now we get this weired isses again and again:

the import "" must be related to the module name ""

I think this has something to do with the uppercase letters in the Github URL.
Or did I miss something?

it seems that this project had the same issue, I guess creating a new tag fixes it? @ldez

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Hi @matthiasbaldi,

I confirm please create a new release of your plugin please. It will solve your issue.

Your main branch: traefik-plugin-cookie-flags/.traefik.yml at main · Lambda-IT/traefik-plugin-cookie-flags · GitHub
Your last tag: traefik-plugin-cookie-flags/.traefik.yml at v0.1.0 · Lambda-IT/traefik-plugin-cookie-flags · GitHub

The case of the module name is not the same

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