I created a traefik plugin and receiving a weird error

Hello, I created a new plugin here:

and traefik bot is opening this issue :

unsupported plugin: the module name (github.com/omar-shrbajy-arive/header-auth) doesn't contain the GitHub repository name (github.com/omar-shrbajy-arive/headerauth)

I had to change the project name from header-auth to headerauth to make it like the package name in go so maybe that made the issue but now sure how to solve it

Hi Omar

It looks like you already figured out the issue as I see the repo / module was renamed again to GitHub - omar-shrbajy-arive/headerauthentication and the plugin is listed in the catalog.

If you still experience issues let us know


Thanks for getting back to me, it seems that traefik bot was caching something. I removed the old repo and created a new one and everything worked fine.


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