[Plugin] How to debug Analyzer issues?


I tried to create a sample plugin but it keeps failing the Analyzer Validation and I can't figure out why.

The error message doesn't give me any hint (not a Go Dev btw, so maybe I'm missing something obvious?)

failed to run with Yaegi: plugin: failed to eval CreateConfig: 1:28: undefined: traefik_plugin_header

How would I go about debugging this? Is there a list of errors or further info anywhere? It would be great if Analyzer could point me in the right direction, e.g. by linking a Error List or giving more info.


it's related to the difference between the module name traefik_plugin_header and the package name plugin_header

I recommend using the same name: traefik_plugin_header.

or change the import in the manifest.

I see! So the package name must match the import or repository name?