Cannot reproduce error from Traefiker bot on plugin

Link to the public repo: GitHub - dominion-solutions/traefik-filter-on-field
I'm receiving the following error from Traefiker Bot:


failed to run the plugin with Yaegi: failed to eval `CreateConfig` function: 1:28: not enough arguments in call to traefik_filter_on_field.CreateConfig

When testing as a local plugin in Traefik Proxy 2.10.4 , however, calls to the CreateConfig method needed to have 0 arguments. I'm sure I'm missing something here. Is there a requirement to have an overloaded version of the CreateConfig method?

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind. I figured it out. Turned out to be a PEBCAK problem. The push to the git repo had failed resulting in a cascading failure down the line.

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