MeshCentral: File Uploads not working with Traefik http IngressRoute

As the title says, MeshCentral file uploads are not working with Traefik behind an http IngressRoute - all other features, including downloading + remote desktop work fine.

Here's the kicker: it works fine using IngressRouteTCP, but this is not ideal because I need to use the forwardauth middleware (also, I need to use PathPrefix).

Something in http is screwing it up, I'm just not sure what.

Appreciate any help in troubleshooting this issue and why TCP works but http doesn't (I need to get it working with http regardless).

Thank you,

This problem is solved - the issue turned out to be due to an incompatibility between Traefik's http router and the built-in compression options in Mesh Central. Turning off the following options in the Mesh settings fixed it:

        "compression": false,
        "wsCompression": false,
        "agentWsCompression": false,

As an added bonus, I enabled compression on the Traefik side to compensate and saw a performance boost that way (works great for my use case).


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