Http/3 doesn't seem to work for me in Kubernetes

Hi, I'm very new to this community and traefik in general, so I apologise if I'm breaking some rules here.
I'm trying to get an idea of how to get a service on Kubernetes communicating over http3. I found this tutorial, but it didn't seem to quite work. My browser would only end up connecting over http/1 and http3 check was showing http/3 enabled but QUIC not working.
Since then I moved to minikube to avoid accidentally spending money on AWS and I'm using ksniff to check what traffic arrives at the traefik pod, it seems to only receive TCP traffic and when I try curl with the http3-only flag enabled, no traffic seems to arrive, as if the UDP traffic was getting blocked.
Does that tutorial work for people currently or are there some changes required? I'd appreciate any help.