K8s: dashboard@internal: where daes it come from?

EDIT: this post is made on the wrong assumption that working dashboard access was granted by the follwing spec. Next post corrects and reformulate the question.

Hi, I guess I miss something or overlook the meaning of the conf.

After installing on k8s via helm I get a dashboard exposed on port 9000, and the ingressroute looks as this:

  - traefik
  # - web  # does not work
  - kind: Rule
    match: PathPrefix(`/dashboard`) || PathPrefix(`/api`)
    - kind: TraefikService
      name: api@internal

if I just change thew netryPoints from traefik to web, it stops working, GET-ting http://..../dashboard returns 404.

I clearly have a wrong model in mind: I believe entryPoint decides just the port used to reach the service.

One more weird thing. The working url (:9000) logs as:

... "GET /dashboard HTTP/1.1" 200 3026 "-" "-" 1192 "dashboard@internal" "-" 0ms

While when hitting port 80 I get:

... "GET /dashboard HTTP/1.1" 404 19 "-" "-" 1213 "traefik-traefik-dashboard-d012b7f875133eeab4e5@kubernetescrd" "-" 0ms

I would have thought it should be the same log ( traefik-traefik-dashboard-d012b7f875133eeab4e5@kubernetescrd) as is the the same match.

Any help in appreciated


I realize now that the match with log "dashboard@internal" is not produced by the ingressroute traefik-dashboard I was looking at. After deleting it, dashboard is accessible anyhow via a route that I cannot
In server where I deploy using docker-compose I never saw a rule to route to dashboard@internal and I use api@internal: this further puzzles me...

Is there a conf paramenter that determine adding this rule?
Is it possible that this interferes with the above rule?