Dashboard with Kubernetes Ingress

Hello - newcomer to traefik here!

I'm trying to get the Traefik Dashboard to work with the Kubernetes Ingress resource. (NOT CRD)
We are using cert-manager for certificates and therefore (as cert-manager does not support IngressRoute) i am kind of forced to use the default Ingress kind.
My question is how to access the TraefikService "dashboard@internal" as well as "api@internal" from within the Ingress resource? (I'm not allowed to use the @ character within Ingress)
The documentation also has no entry for Kubernetes Ingress (just for Kubernetes CRD)

Is it possible to define Ingress that redirects to the TraefikService of the dashboard?


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I also faced the same issue... Does anyone figure out how to expose the Traefik Dashboard securely with a Kubernetes Ingress resource ?