Traefik external dashboard

So I have a release of traefik-internal and traefik-external.
The traefik-internal I have an Ingress setup on that allows me to access traefik-dashboard on internal loadbalancer.
I did not do that for traefik-external (because I don't want it exposed publically for obvious reasons).

I have created the following IngressRoute in hopes to access the external dashboard via the internal Ingress but it does not seem to be working, has anyone gotten this to work?

kind: IngressRoute
  annotations: traefik-internal
   name: traefik-external-dashboard
   namespace: platform-traefik
  - websecure
  - kind: Rule
    match: Host(``) && (PathPrefix(`/dashboard-external`)
      || PathPrefix(`/api-external`))
    - kind: TraefikService

As you can see I have the IngressRoute setup to use the internal ingressclass... I'm not sure what the service should be set to in order to reach the api@internal of traefik-external