Is there a way to access Let's Encrypt certs for use outside Traefik?

I currently have my dockerized dovecot/postfix email server set up behind HAProxy. I use certbot to get ssl certificates that I can then configure dovecot and postfix to use for imaps and smtps.

Last week I found Traefik (via figuring out how to use Portainer) and I really like how much simpler it is to configure access to my docker containers as well as automatically generate and use Let's Encrypt certs.

So is there a way for me to get the certs Traefik generates for my dovecot/postfix container and mount it onto the container?

I was going to ask if you could configure the resolver to save the certs as files the same way certbot does, but the docs don't seem to mention any way of storing them other than acme.json. Am I missing anything?

Alternatively, has anyone put dovecot/postfix behind Traefik in a way that wouldn't need to mount the certs into the container?

Thanks in advance! Let me know if I need to clarify anything...


you can use this tool to dump the certificates from Traefik: GitHub - ldez/traefik-certs-dumper: Dump ACME data from Traefik to certificates


Now to think through how to put all the pieces together. :slight_smile: The fun part.

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