Generate Only Certificates

Hi, im running traefik-cert-dumper to get certs out for my mailserver and traefik.

In short, im search a way to generate only Certificates, without a service or loadbalancer etc.

For a real service, that is not a docker container im doing this:

  rule = "Host(``)"
  entrypoints = ["websecure"]
  service = "kerio-srv-web"
    certResolver = "lets-encrypt"

that works fine and i get my certificate with the mentioned cert-dumper above, so i can use the same cert on my mailserver either.

But i have some subdomains, where i dont need the traefik proxy, only the certs.

Can anyone provide me an example?

Thank you!

Maybe use certbot instead of Traefik?

Hey bluepuma77, thanks for the reply!
It's a bit more complicated as that. I need the certs in traefik either.
And you have right, i mean if i would just need "an certificate generation docker image" that exports the certificates, so i can use them somewhere else, im pretty sure that exists either.

But image you can't get certificates over dns challenge, and traefik is all that you expose to the internet.
But you need still certificates for your internal services, that you host somewhere on your lan and you can't use dns challenges.
So as traefik is exposed it would be the only proper solution to generate certificates through it and dump them somwhere etc...
But thats a bad example either as there are workarounds, but still easiert to explain as what im trying to accomplish.

I found a solution to this if someone has the same issue:

Check the second post!

The key is, to use different store names other as "default"
In the second post is an example i made.

That way you generate only the certificates and traefik can reuse those certificates itself later either.
I don't know if thats a proper solution, its just sth i found out.
If someone knows a better solution feel free to post!