Lost for a long time noob

I'm lost. My goal is to have traefik reverse proxy Sonarr, Radarr, NZBGet, Portainer, and Guacamole.
Right now I have the dashboard up and running.
I got an email from Let's Encrypt that the certs I got 2 months ago were expiring. So I installed Certbot and pulled new certs. Right now I need help getting the Certbot certs migrated over so Traefik picks them up and maintains them.

Then I can start learning how to route services thru
As you can see I am trying to have data persistence.
If you see any other errors please feel free to point them out.




I recommend to read:

You have to replace:

- "traefik.http.routers.portainer-secure.tls.certresolver=http"


- "traefik.http.routers.portainer-secure.tls.certresolver=mydnschallenge"