How can I control which service ports of a specific service should be maeshed?

I have a strange issue, for a service that exposing 2 ports (HTTP and Admin), I can access the Admin pages via maesh DNS entry on HTTP port and vice versa, this does not happen when working directly with k8s svc.
I know that maesh is opt-in by default, but I think it will be a good option to have an annotation that will specify which service port should be exposed instead of exposing all of them.

Hello @yuri,

We have opened for the multi port expose issue.

Can you provide an example service that this happens on?

Also can you provide us the version of Maesh that you are using?

and traefik:v2.0.4

i've been testing this with our own internal apps, so not sure which info i can add here to help you.
i will have to build some mock with apache or nginx and expose two ports on a k8s service then i will share it with you

i can see that this issue is resolved now