Tutorial idea traefik-ingress to multi-namespace maesh

So I'm just discovering Maesh/Traefik and I'm trying to understand the whole mechanics. Currently, I'm really struggling with how I should use this, but I have I use case that perhaps would be nice as a tutorial.

Say I've got two services that I would like to expose, but in two different namespaces on my cluster. (whoami just fine for demo, perhaps one http and one tcp). They would serve as stubs for potentially large and complicated backend services that deserve their own namespace.

I only have 1 domain at which I want to host things (www.example.com), so two Ingresses in different namespaces is currently a no-go.

Would it be possible to drum up a set of example manifests that:

  • Defines the two services (easy enough)
  • Adds them to maesh (they don't necessarily need to communicate for the example). Should just be an annotation.
  • A Traefik ingress (in the maesh namespace?) that routes all traffic at:

At least, I believe that maesh can help here with it's cross-namespace service targeting. Would this require defining a central maesh rerouting service? This is where I'm getting a bit lost with all the targets, routes, and serviceaccounts in the current example.

Am I understanding this right? Any ideas?

Hello Hello,

I'm not exactly sure so let's see :slight_smile:

Exposing 2 services to the outside is done via Traefik, correct. What you're looking for is a PathPrefix Matcher. If you need help on that, I'd suggest you to open an issue in the Traefik category.

Maesh in general, is used for internal service-to-service communication. Like, if you're both backend services would be talking to each other. It's not necessarily required for your Ingress use-case.

Typically, the Ingress Object is deployed in the same namespace as the service. However, it could also be in different namespaces without problems without requiring Maesh.

Does it make sense?