Maesh and IngressRoute (Traefik V2)

Does Maesh works fine with IngressRoute from traefik V2 ?
Are they two complementary products? (TraefikV2 and Maesh)

Hello @obeyler,

you are right: Traefik V2 and Maesh are complementary products. Maesh in itself re-uses Traefik to be the internal proxy, but Maesh does not "consum" Ingress Routes.

That is Traefik Jobs. Does it make sense?

@SantoDE I don't find any sample with IngressRoute and Maesh. I only see example with Ingress and Maesh
This is why I ask that.
(I've already migrate all Ingress to IngressRoute)

What examples are you talking about? :slight_smile: Do you have a link for me?


Ahh. I see!

That is an example architecture, without Maesh :slight_smile: In this example, Traefik is running as an Ingress in your cluster. The request will be proxied to Pod B through Traefik. From there, Pod B directly calls Pod D.

With Maesh, the request between Pod B and D would be gone through another Maesh node. That is, however, totally unrelated to Ingress.

Does it now make sense?

so installing Maesh has only impact on Kubernetes service ?
Just add annotation inside each service. Is it correct ?

That is correct :slight_smile: That's what its supposed to do

@SantoDE if I do the parallel with istio, is there (or is it planned) to have kiali-type tools ( to graphically see the impact of maesh? Or do you just delegate this part to opentracing tools.
Traefik V2 has already the open tracing option. Is there an overlapp ?