Configure a HTTPS Service

Hi together,

I searched like everywhere but didn't find any information.
Even in the GitHub from traefik, but didn't find an answer how to configure a HTTPS service.
The reason is that proxmox web browser is usually on HTTPS.
I have no idea how to make a route there.

Complicated topic, as there are multiple options.

Simple solution is to use Traefik to terminate TLS and forward plain-text. Some services require TLS/SSL, but they are happy when you send a special header telling them that originally TLS was used.

If you service really wants to use a certificate and you have a static cert (configured for Traefik and the service), then Traefik can just forward encrypted requests, use tls.passthrough.

If your service creates its own custom cert, you need to let Traefik trust them. Or set a global serversTransport.insecureSkipVerify: true or a dynamic serverstransport and assign it to the service.

If the service wants to create its own LetsEncrypt, then your service should use httpChallenge or dnsChallenge, as tlsChallenge will probably not be forwarded by Traefik. But with httpChallenge you probably have a chicken-and-egg problem and need to enable insecureSkipVerify at least for the initial validation of the first cert.