Proxy traffic to service via HTTPS

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first of all Traefik proxy is working great for me to terminate SSL traffic and forward to internal services.
Now in order to follow a zero trust policy I would like to encrypt the traffic between Traefik Proxy and the services it forwards to.

I am in control over the Root CA and can easily secure all the services. Unfortunately I have only encountered Internal Server Errors so far when I simply set the target URL to https://URL instead of http://URL.

Is there a crucial piece of configuration that I am missing in order to get this working?

You can globally ignore the TLS checks:

# static config, for all internal connections
  insecureSkipVerify: true

or add the required certificates:

# static config, for all internal connections
    - foo.crt
    - bar.crt

Or you can do it per service: define a serverstransport in a dynamic config, use insecureskipverify or rootcas.
In this case you need to load the dynamic config from a file via provider.file, then don't forget to assign it to your service:

        serversTransport: mytransport
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It worked like a charm and any errors I was still encountering were quickly fixed with log.level = DEBUG :slight_smile:

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