Can Traefik can route to different networks/applications types?

Hi there,

Before taking a leap faith and investing the necessary time to learn Traefik, I try to make up my mind about its capabilities but I struggle a little because what I want to achieve in my home lab is quite complex...

So I have a mixed environement with the following:

  • several subnets
  • several "legacy" apps that should be internally and externally available (like Exchange OWA or Plex)
  • some docker containers spread on several hosts

I'm quite sure most of my containers can live with an "external domain name" only, even access from my internal network, but for my Plex server, it has to be available locally and remotelly.

I would think about an instance that would be in a network zone configured like a DMZ and route to the different servers/containers.

It is at least feasible? And how (conceptually)?

Thanks in advance and kind regards :wink:

Yes, this is possible with a dynamic config file, using routers and services, loaded in static config with provider.file.

The target service of course needs to be available via IP, you can then use loadbalancer.servers.url.