Redirect specific url to different homeserver

Hey all,

first time posting here!
I have the following setup:
Exposted a server with traefik to deliver different services (nextcloud/, etc on 80/443 on different domains) on Machine A. I now have a home assistant instance on another machine B that I would like to expose also over 80/443. Therefore, I now need to tell traefik to route incoming access on to the local server adress of machine B - ideally traefik takes over the letsencrypting...
I did some research on that, but got confused on the different ways of setting up traefik and would like to have some expert opinion on this problem.

Thanks for your input!

If you are not running in Docker Swarm, which can do Service Discovery, you need to set it up manually.

You need entrypoints and certresolver in static config (command or config file), a router with matching service with loadbalancer in dynamic config (labels or config file via provider).