Is it possible to utilize Traefik to route <localip>:port when I'm connected to my home network?

I feel so accomplished - was finally able to get my Traefik setup with Cloudflare + Synology using guides. Took about a week of tinkering 20+ containers under a single Docker-Compose stack.. but with it all working, man it feels good.

The question:

Now I'm a little curious. When I'm at home, is there some easy way that Traefik would be able to recognize that I'm on the same network as my Docker network and route so that I use the localIP:port address instead? I wonder about this given the "theoretical" speed improvements by not having to route through Cloudflare and secure certificates while browsing at home.

Only reason I'm curious about this is because I have a bunch of the localip:port to different webGUIs favourited on my browser bar and would like to trim down the extra stuff if I don't need it...

Thanks in advance!