Traefik to forward to a backend but not a docker container?


I have been using docker with traefik for a while - it works great. Everything I have been setting up has been a docker container or code i have written so i have created a docker container out of it - add my labels and away i go.

I have a server running on a local ip at port 8281

It works great by going to this ip and port (its a standard website)

I would like traefik to forward traffic to this ip and port when I use a specific domain.

Before this was easy as explained above but i am unaware of how to do this with a server that already exists and is not able to be provided by docker - i.e. I can't add labels in the docker-compose because it is not docker container

Can anyone help ?

Simple use case is I want when a user access (for example) would get forwarded to

I would appreciate any insight anybody can offer as up to now all my experience with docker is via the docker-compose and labels.

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers

Use a dynamic file provider.

      - web443
      rule: "Host(``)"
      service: someservice
      tls: {}
        - url:

This will of course need to be referenced by static config, env var or command line args.

Thank you, thats what i was missing.