What happens to manually deleted maesh-services? (MySQL setup)

  • I am trying to access a MySQL service using the mesh :nerd_face:.
  • I noticed that I need an annotation for the service to use tcp :mag:.
  • I updated my service by adding "mesh.traefik.io/traffic-type: tcp" :bulb:.
  • Nothing seemed to change and the database was not accessible :x:.
  • Hoping to 'restart' the service that gets created by the mesh, I tried deleting it:
    kubectl delete svc -n maesh maesh-mysql :dizzy_face:.
  • Now if I kubectl get svc -n maesh, the service is gone and never comes back. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  • I kind of expected it to be brought back by the mesh controller and pick up my annotation..? :man_shrugging:
  • Do I have to delete the helm install and reinstall it to refresh :upside_down_face:?

Hello @never,

Thanks for your interest in Traefik Mesh!

Could you provide us a reproducible use case?
What version of Traefik Mesh are you using? (the latest one in v1.4.1)

Btw, the service created by Traefik Mesh is updated/created when the corresponding service is updated/created.