October 16, 2019 - Online Meetup: Maesh, a Simpler Service Maesh. Presented by The Traefik Team!

Service meshes are currently the most hyped topic in the container ecosystem. But what is a service mesh? A service mesh is a configurable network layer inside your cluster to handle network‑based communication among your applications. It ensures that this communication is fast, reliable and secure. Usually, a service mesh also provides extended functionality in many different areas, such as service discovery, load balancing, observability, traceability, access control or circuit breakers.

Recently, we at Containous, released our Simpler Service Mesh called Maesh. Maesh takes a different approach as the other well known service meshes such as Istio or Linkerd. Maesh is designed to be more user friendly, easier to adopt and non-invasive.

Built on top of the well known edge router, Traefik, Maesh is a simple, yet full-featured service mesh. It provides all the features users would typically expect: OpenTracing, Metrics, load balancing, grPC, Websockets, TCP, retries, rate limiting, circuit-breakers, fail-overs and many more. Additionally, it supports the latest Service Mesh Interface specification (SMI) that facilitates integration with pre-existing solutions, but also provides support for e.g. access control.

Moreover, Maesh is opt-in by default, which means that your existing services are unaffected until you decide to add them to the mesh. As it is container-native, it fits as your de-facto service mesh in your Kubernetes cluster easily.

This Meetup will share how Maesh works in-depth and how you can install it to your clusters. And, will be presented by Traefik's developer team! We’ll show live demos, and provide the opportunity for you to share your questions!

Register today, and let’s talk about Maesh!