Validation for middleware definitions

Traefik has now support for middlewares that can be applied to entrypoints which is great because in this way you can define global middlewares for all routes in an entrypoint. However there is a real danger here because when you apply a middleware with kubectl you do not get any validation errors and it's just applied. In case of a faulty global middleware, all routes under that entrypoint would be down (all 404s). Is there any plans for middleware validation or is there a way to avoid this situation?

It's actually a good point :slight_smile: We were thinking about validation already. The problem with that is, the validation would need to be done when Traefik starts, which is after the lifecycle of kubectl apply.

So for me, it's a little tricky. However, that's of course not a never. It's just: We would need to figure out how :slight_smile: