Can´t create any kind of middleware for Kubernetes Helm Install

Hello i have problem with my traefik middleware. Maybe i am reading the docs wrong.
But everytime i create a middleware it says that the defined key in the spec is not in the schema.
This is my Flux Helmrelease to install Traefik: apiVersion: HelmReleasemetadata: name -
This is my Middleware: apiVersion: Middlewaremetadata: name: t -
It is the default middleware from the docs. I am trying to install this middleware in the traefik namespace.
If i apply it i get this error message:

k apply -f middlewares.yaml -n traefik
error: error validating "middlewares.yaml": error validating data: ValidationError(Middleware.spec): unknown field "headers" in us.containo.traefik.v1alpha1.Middleware.spec; if you choose to ignore these errors, turn validation off with --validate=false

This is the middleware schema: k describe crd middlewares.traefik.containo.usName: middlewares.traefi -
Maybe somebody understands what i am doing wrong. :frowning:

anybody? please!!! i don´t know how to go further here.