V2.1 dashboard 404

cd ~/go/src/github.com/containous/traefik
GO111MODULE=off go get github.com/containous/go-bindata/...

go generate
go build go build ./cmd/traefik
it build success
./traefik --configFile=traefik.sample.toml
and then not show .is 404

what should i need to do?

traefik.sample.toml is

checkNewVersion = true
sendAnonymousUsage = true
address = ":8093"
address = ":8094"


dashboard = true
insecure = true

can some one give me a correct toml file?i just want to see the dashboard


# Generate UI
rm -rf static/ autogen/
make generate-webui

# generate the UI binary mapping.
go generate

# build Traefik
go build ./cmd/traefik

Which URL did you try?

If I assume that you followed correctly the instructions from @ldez to compile and generate Traefik with the dashboard,
then the configuration traefik.toml you have means that the dashboard will be served at http://localhost:8080/dashboard/, as per the documentation: Dashboard - Traefik | Site | v2.0 .