Dashboard 404 (traefik 2.x is still poorly documented)

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Coming to the community, doing a search of my problem and finding several unresolved results, and going around the documentation and not being able to solve it is hopeless. Traefik 1.7 seemed good to me, definitely Traefik 2.x is badly documented, complicates configuration and does not provide new functionality... :frowning:

I have a docker desktop community with Kubernetes enabled, I installed traefik 2.2 using helm v3 and I'm unable to access the dashboard (404)... I've read a lot of things, there's no step by step guide for this product?

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Have you seen this install guide?
If you want to expose the dashboard, you can refer to https://github.com/containous/traefik-helm-chart#exposing-the-traefik-dashboard
We just changed our default helm chart (from v1,.7 to 2.x) so the documentation is not entirely terminated. But we are working on it.

I've solved my problem, it's that you have to place:

rather than

(the last slash is the difference)

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yes you're right. It's currently a technical requirement.

You can see it here: https://docs.traefik.io/operations/dashboard/#secure-mode