Use latest version of go-acme/lego


There is an urgent change of a DNS provider in the go-acme/lego project. How can I use the latest version of the library in Traefik? The latest Traefik version v3.0 used lego v4.9.1 which not included that change.

Is there any fast solution?


I guess you are talking about ArvanCloud which has been sanctioned by EU because the company is “involved in censorship and efforts of the Iranian government to shut down the internet.”

There is no fast solution, you have to build a custom version.

Yes, my services are managed by this company. The cases raised against this company are completely false and they have only used it as a cover for the main companies. Of course, there is no need to talk about sanctions here.

Do you have an estimate for the release date of the next version?

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