Treafik with namedotcom inserts inconsistent _acme-challenge txt records

when using a non-docker (I hate it with a passion) traefik reverse proxy with an acme dnsChallenge,
the entry inserted into is but the record queried is While waiting for propagation, I insert a new txt record with the same value, and traefik receives a cert. then traefik removes the correct and leaves the bad

so I think it's a bug, tried to run the thingie through delve, but didn't know how to get it running in delve.

Someone an idea ?


on a side-note, using lego command line works properly.

I just link the issues:

There are no specific implementation of the DNS challenge in Traefik.

Could you provide: configuration, logs, how you build, etc ...

And for lego, could you provide the command that you used.

I think the problem is fixed by

It will be a part of the next lego release (v3.6)

did a go mod vendor to traefik , applied patch, built, ran -> ok now, thankzzzzzz

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