Traefik + letsencrypt using example fails to generate ceritifcate

I'am trying to run the example in HTTP Challenge - Traefik . I got stuck on the following problem:

traefik    | time="2021-06-02T08:36:49Z" level=error msg="Unable to obtain ACME certificate for domains \"\": unable to generate a certificate for the dooblem:\n[] acme: error: 403 :: urn:ietf:params:acme:error:unauthorized :: Invalid response from"Host(``)" providerName=myresolver.acme routerName=whoami@docker

Some more info: - I am using docker container on EC2 AWS (ubuntu 18.04 LTS). The domain has an "A" record defined in Route 53. Elastic (fixed) IP address defined.

I am stuck on this for days now and really appreciate any feedback/hint that can help me to sort out the issue.


I think 2 routes are in conflict:

  • PathPrefix(/)
  • Host(

Both rules redirect to your dashboard.

Try replacing
Host( && && PathPrefix(/whoami)

Or try to specify a domain for you dashboard rule

Note, your domain is visible on the log, and your Traefik Dashboard publicly accessible.

You domain without the www subdomain does not have a valid DNS A entry, you may add one.

Have a nice day


Hi Adrien,

Thank you for the feedback and the hints.

I've added the DNS A record to the "" and also the PathPrefix to avoid the route conflict with the dashboard.

Unfortunately the issue persists. Same errors as before.



Ok, then, can you set the logging level to debug and have a look at those logs ?

If you can't find a solution, it might be interesting to share the logs

Have a nice day