Acme DNS challenge ONE.COM


My domain is managed via DNS and I don't find it in the current supported DNS challenge. I wanted to create a wildcard certificate for a subdomain so I don't have to create records for every service I'm planning to deploy to that sub domain since Traefik will do my internal routing.

I know there is an acmesh script for that ( - I already tried it on a proxmox hypervisor), is there any chance for something similar integrated into Traefik ?

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Traefik uses lego as a library to handle ACME.

There is a major problem with they don't provide an API, the script is simulating a user of the UI.

If a provider doesn't have an API, lego will not integrate this provider.

I recommend contacting support to ask about an API.

Thanks for the answer, it's crystal clear :wink:

I'll try, I can't say I'm confident about this, but I'll try, you never know !

I'll keep you informed as soon as I get an answer


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