Usage of redis for configuration

Is there some example of using redis for dynamic configuration, because documentation was virtually no help and nobody on Google seems to be using it..everybody is reaching for the file provider.

Problem is that I have quite volatile backends, there are backends ( services in traefik, sorry I'm trying to migrate from HA proxy ) where backends can pop up and disappear a lot. So it would be super advantageous if I could define them in Redis and have traefik read them automatically.

I literarily started with traefik today, but what I need to achieve is basic reverse proxy with a twist :slight_smile:

I need https://<proxy_IP>:443/ to be routed to providing self signed certificate. That's should be straight forward. But I also need to route https://proxy_IP:443/target/something?host= based on the url variable host to backend/service matching the host, but do not terminate ssl, let it pass through since the target is https... Having this config in redis I could push the backend server information to it before the reverse proxy is used. HAproxy have to have the backend servers configured in config file fixed, and changing them require reload (or use of dataplane API) :-/