Struggle with Redis in current master


I have a hard time trying to make traefik work with Redis (which I believe will come in v2.2 release). Trying in on current master (e378cb4). The command line is --api.insecure=true --providers.redis --providers.redis.endpoints= --log --log.level=INFO. Then if I try to put any config in a Redis key starting with traefik (as the default root key implies), I get

time="2020-01-21T03:03:35Z" level=info msg="Starting provider *redis.Provider {\"rootKey\":\"traefik\",\"endpoints\":[\"\"]}"
time="2020-01-21T03:03:35Z" level=error msg="Cannot build the configuration: Key not found in store" providerName=redis

But if I start the same key with slash, e.g. set /traefik/http/services/myservice/loadbalancer/passhostheader true, I get this:

time="2020-01-21T03:07:26Z" level=error msg="Cannot build the configuration: json: cannot unmarshal bool into Go value of type store.KVPair" providerName=redis

Errors differ depending on key, e.g. for set /traefik/http/routers/Router0/entryPoints/0 foobar it will be:

time="2020-01-21T03:09:39Z" level=error msg="Cannot build the configuration: invalid character 'o' in literal false (expecting 'a')" providerName=redis

What's the correct way to setup dynamic configuration in Redis?


this message appears when the root key (traefik) is not found.

If you want to use /traefik as root key: --providers.etcd.rootkey=/traefik. But you don't need to do that.

I'm having the same problem with Consul which I gave up eventually. Consul also seems to have limitations on how many certs you can store so I then jumped into Redis as alternative.
But with Redis I'm also running into blocks unfortunately.
Traefik v2 is getting a real PITA unfortunately.

Do you mind sharing your docker compose file so we could collaborate on finding a solution together?
If you can let me know how I can reach you best so we could have closer chat on this via eg slack, messenger, skype, ... what ever suits you best.