Traefik reloads entire dynamic Redis configuration when updating a single service/route

We are running Traefik based on a dynamic configuration in Redis, using it as a reverse proxy for about 100 backend VMs. So far we have been quite impressed with the performance and ease of use of Traefik.

However, we noticed that when an update to any Traefik-related key is made in Redis (eg. when we are adding/removing VMs from our setup), it seems the entire dynamic configuration is reloaded and re-applied. Even when just a single key is updated.

We are now considering scaling beyond 10000 VMs, and I suspect that such a complete re-application of the configuration might not scale with it. Is it possible to adjust Traefik so it only updates the services/routes which are updated in Redis, while leaving the other as they were? Redis keyspace notifications specifically indicate which keys are updated, so this should not be too hard to implement.

Keep up the good work!