[URGENT] error 400: invalid token

Been running traefik 2.5.5 for quite some time. A restart of our node was triggered, and now I'm getting this:

2022/07/20 20:50:52 traefik.go:79: command traefik error: failed to download plugin github.com/traefik/plugin-log4shell: error: 400: {"error":"Invalid token"}

I attempted removing the plugin - same deal, just a different plugin. I attempted changing the token to a brand new one. No dice. Our service is experiencing downtime as I speak.

The problem looks identical to this one:

Can you look into this?

confirm, same thing with 2.7 ones
seems like on server side tokens became obsolete but they just denying all. Is it possible to revert this behaviour to just ignore and accept them all?


the problem will be fixed soon.

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The problem is now fixed.

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