Unable to get IngressRouteUDP access a ClusterIP service


My System
I have a k3d cluster where I host a chrony server. For this I have a deployment, and a service of type CluserIP . Service has been named as chrony-service.

What Works
I am able to access the ClusterIP service chrony-service from any pod in my cluster.

What does not work
I want to acess chrony-service from outside the cluster. I have setup a udp-ingress-route for this. The traefik dashboard shows that the IngressRouteUDP is ok. But I am unable to communicate with the chrony-service.

Additional Information
I have setup the IngressRouteUDP similar to the example here

As I mentioned, the IngressRouteUDP will direct to chrony-service , which is of type ClusterIP . This service has been implemented similar to the http services in my cluster.

My Questions

  • Can someone please suggest if it is possible to access a service of type ClusterIP from external world using IngressRouteUDP similar to what I am doing.
    Deployment <-> Service <-> Service <-> IngressRouteUDP <-> External World
  • Can someone please point me to a working example.