UDP service not found with k8s IngressrouteUDP


Trying to get wireguard UDP service running with Kubernetes Ingressroute provider. I am using IngressrouteUDP with similar pattern as I do for http services (which all work fine and are with complex middleware). I keep getting an error on dashboard that UDP service does not exist. More specifically - my UDP endpoint service and deployment are up and running, traefik recognizes the UDP router, but does not recognize the UDP service. The error message on dashboard is "the udp service "default-wireguard-0@kubernetescrd" does not exist". No issues with http routers or services.

I checked the configuration guide for UDP. The Kubernetes Ingressoute section just passes the impression that the only difference vs http routers is the usage of IngressrouteUDP, however in my case this is clearly not working.

Here is the example I created in case anyone wants to reproduce.
Running latest helm, Traefik 2.5.3

Many thanks!