UDP Router Priority

The docs don't mention UDP routers having priority over each other. So, I would imagine this means if one router accepts data on, for example, port 3000, and another accepts data on all ports, either one could be chosen for data coming in from port 3000.

I'm trying to have a "catch-all" UDP router, so any UDP traffic that isn't handled by a router listening to a specific entry point will be routed by the catch-all router listening to every entry point. How do I do this without being able to set priority? Or is there undocumented priority?

It seems there is no priority for UDP routers (reference).

I guess the logic is, that there is no real matching for UDP, no rules, so no priority is required. The only case I can think of is to have a fallback UDP router, which is used when no other active target is used.

You could open a feature request on GitHub, but this seems very niche, so low probability to get implemented.