Priority not computed correctly

I noticed that the priority feature doesn't work at all. Neither setting the priority manually via labels or trying to force a higher priority by making the rule longer affect the order which causes my HTTPS redirect to fail and my path match to have no effect.



The dashboard is sorted alphabetically using the router's name. This view does not show the rule priority.

To know what priority was applied, you can look for them in the DEBUG log.

Home it helps :smiley:

That's good to know!

I saw that the priority property got picked up by traefik in the "configuration received" log line:

"http": {
 "routers": {
  "highscores": {
                "entryPoints": [
                "service": "highscores",
                "rule": "Path(`/highscores`) || Host(``)",
                "priority": 7000

I noticed that this specifc route indeed got registered BEFORE any other route. I just tried it again and it actually does seem like it gets registered before other routes. I'm still a little bit confused to how the priority works but that already helps, thanks!

Turns out I didn't read the rule docs well enough, I just assumed the Host rule would allow wildcards which it doesn't and now everything works as intended. Thank you very much for your help!

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